It is our belief that the art/trade of upholstery holds at its core the environmental values of reduce, reuse and recycle through the added “Rs” of recreation and re-invention.

We are committed to reducing consumption by breathing new life into weathered and worn furniture. In this way, we keep quality materials out of landfills and in continual use.

We believe in a model of “sustainable de-growth”, on which places value on the artistry of traditional trades like upholstery over access to quick, cheap, non-sustainable furniture (a slow furniture movement, of sorts!)


At PQ Upholstery, we offer a range of material choices to meet all client needs. The adhesives we use are non-toxic and water-based. Our eco-concious fabric options include natural fibres like undyed cottons, hemp and other organic materials. We offer a range of natural stuffings (wool, cotton, horse hair, and latex foam) and we strive to help our clients understand the value of environmental upholstery choices.