Pablo Quiroz

Founding of PQ Upholstery

PQ Upholstery founder, Pablo Quiroz, launched the business in August 2014 after many years under the guidance of a master upholsterer and expert craftsman, his father.

With his new business, he seeks to combine a background in creative and visual arts with the time-honoured tradition of upholstery, while at the same time accentuating the environmental benefits inherent to the trade.

About Pablo

ARTIST — Pablo brings an understanding of colour, texture and other design elements to the forefront when guiding customers through the design process.

18 YEARS UPHOLSTERY EXPERIENCE — Pablo brings the knowledge of fabrics and materials and the expertise in European and North American upholstery techniques.

TEACHER — Pablo is a teacher at heart. He has offered numerous upholstery courses and workshops to the community, through local colleges (Algonquin College) as well as privately, in an effort to educate the public both about the art and the skill of upholstery.

FOCUS ON RELATIONSHIPS — Finally, it is Pablo’s friendly nature, honesty and integrity which endear him to clients and students alike. He is committed to every project individually and will always go the extra length to ensure service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

PQ Upholstery offers clients individualized and guided service through the design and realization of upholstery projects:

  • We work collaboratively to help our customers generate ideas, choose fabrics, select materials (traditional or eco) and set project timelines to suit their needs.
  • We strive for excellence in our communication with clients and insist on ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • With an eye to our environment, we encourage and provide options for eco-conscious and sustainable fabric and material choices.